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You won’t get a different tax agent to do your return each year but a tax professional who will understand and cater to your needs from year to year.

Your Business
A service which will grow with your business. We create an understanding of how your business operates leading to maximising the potential for growth from year to year, highlighting strengths, and ways to minimise costs.


You can book in yourself online or call us to arrange a time that suits you.
The advantage is you can be on your lunch break or at home with the kids and still be able to complete your tax!


Our flexible hours make late appointments an option for our clients who cannot see an accountant during normal business hours.
We are also available on Saturdays.
Please see our Appointment Times for further information.


At your first consultation if you require this service we assess your business by creating a client profile and asking important questions about your business so we have a full understanding of your business’s background, needs and expectations.
If you need advice on starting a business then a consultation time can be arranged at client rates.
As a small business specialist we understand that it can be daunting when first dealing with tax obligations and compliance, so our aim is to take this complexity out of the equation for you and also deal directly with the ATO on your behalf as our client.


We try not to use confusing taxman lingo but simplify current taxation laws by translating  them into everyday layman’s terms for any taxpayer to understand.


From bookkeeping right through to tax return preparation you are able to do it all with us! The same accountant will work through your file which will lead to consistency and an excellent working knowledge of your business.
The result is that this approach will speed up the process of completion and a saving of costs to you.

Benefits include:
– Tax deductions and non-deductible items will be recognised early on in the bookkeeping stage;
– Final reported figures won’t need to be reworked for taxation purposes as they do when changing hands from the bookkeeper to the tax agent/accountant in most other businesses.


We won’t take a week to get back to you! It can be frustrating not being able to get through to your accountant when you need to.
It does get busy especially during the peak tax periods (July – September) but we will make every effort to back to you by either phone/email or leave a message by the next working day.
Most of our clients are happy for us to call after 5pm if necessary and we are happy to, realising that not all clients are able to be contacted during normal working/business hours.


Need tax affairs completed at the last minute?
Our service ‘Taximiser Express’ is the answer.
Fees for this service will be 50% extra on standard price.


As you may realise tax laws are changing constantly, therefore we feel it is necessary to attend seminars and conferences throughout the year with a minimum of 2-5 hours per week in training and researching current issues and developments.
All our financial reporting abides by the current accounting standards set in Australia (AAS) as well as the newly established International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) if required.


We use the latest electronic lodgment software which will get your refund back to you within 1-2 weeks. Timing of refunds will also depend on ATO processing times and other Government department checks.


Our fee is lower than most other competitor’s agents’ fees and after reviewing new business client’s previous accounting fees on average are well over 50% less in yearly fees in most cases.


Client access only to educational videos and podcasts which will help to keep up to date and informed with tax information for individuals and small businesses.

Lastly, our clients TESTIMONIALS speak for themselves!

Do we tick all your boxes?
If not we would love to hear from you on how we may be able to improve our service.


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