Training Sessions

Further your knowledge and skills with us!
Suited for those aiming to enhance your business or wanting a greaterTaxTraining
appreciation of tax procedures and compliance.

These sessions are open to anyone to attend including our current clients.
Sessions are held on a one-on-one basis and not group format.
This will allow for more focused questions you may have relating to your
particular circumstances.


Training Session 1 – Choosing Your Business Structure, Getting It Up and Running

Discussion of the types of business structures available and which may suit you.
We can provide all necessary information and what is required to set up your business including ABN & TFN registration, registration of a business name and any legal documents required to carry on your business as a sole trader (contractor), partnership.
Companies and trusts are discussed briefly but more in-depth sessions are held in our Training Session 11 – Company & Trust Establishment.


Training Session 2 – Basic Bookkeeping (Electronic System MYOB or Excel)

Posting of receipts and payments to electronic bookkeeping system, reconciliation of bank account and posting necessary journal entries.


Training Session 3 – Understanding the Tax and GST system

What does it all mean to me as a business owner?
What are my obligations and how can I manage this?


Training Session 4 – Completing a BAS Statement

Session explaining how to complete your monthly/quarterly paper BAS lodgment.
Dates, penalties & late lodgment information.


Training Session 5 – Cash Flow Statements

Understanding your cash flow and how it can make or break your business.


Training Session 6 – Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet Analysis & Forecasting

Understanding your profit & loss statement of the business and related balance sheet items.


Training Session 7 – Budgeting & Forecasting

Procedures and techniques for planning future income and expenditure.
Useful for both business and personal use.


Training Session 8 – Business Financial Analysis & Interpretation

Looking at trends in your businesses income and expenses, comparisons in past figures.  In-depth interim business analysis on how your business is performing using financial ratios and guidance on minimizing costs, increasing productivity.


Training Session 9 – Business Comparisons with Industry Averages

Looking at trends in your business compared to other businesses in similar industries.  This is useful to see how your business is fairing across the national scale.


Training Session 10 – Managing Debt & Planning for Taxation Compliance

Strategies and planning for both debt management and taxation requirements.


Training Session 11 – Company & Trust Establishment

Guidance in the company and trust relationship as well as necessary steps to set up your business.  Tax implications of both structures are highlighted.

We can provide all necessary information and what is required to set up your business including ABN & TFN registration, registration of a business name and the legal documents required to carry on a business as a trust or company.



  • Session times range from 1 – 3 hours.
  • Pricing starts at $100.
  • Training sessions may be taken individually or combined depending on your needs and over a series of weeks at a time which suits you.
  • All sessions are tax deductible.

To register or for more information please call us or fill out our contact form and the session number/s of interest.