Training Sessions

Further your knowledge and skills with us!
Suited for those aiming to enhance your business or wanting a greaterTaxTraining
appreciation of tax procedures and compliance.

These sessions are open to anyone to attend including our current clients.
Sessions are held on a one-on-one basis via phone or video conference.
This will allow for more focused questions you may have relating to your
particular circumstances.

If starting a new business we recommend the following training as a minimum:
Session 1 & 2.

Training Session 1 (1hr) $95 – Choosing Your Business Structure, Getting It Up and Running

We can provide all necessary information and what is required to set up your business including:
– Discussion on business structures and recommendations to suit your new business venture
– ABN & TFN registration
– Registration of a business name
– Employer obligations to employees
– Contractors and sub-contractors
– Recommendations on any legal documents that may be required to carry on your business such as licenses relating to your industry.
Companies and trusts are discussed briefly but more in-depth sessions are held in our Training Session 9 – Company & Trust Establishment.

Training Session 2 (30mins) $55 – Understanding the Tax and GST system

Answers questions such as:
– What does it all mean to me as a business owner?
– What are my tax obligations and how can I manage this?
– Handling debt and tax planning.
– How much tax should I set aside?
– What is GST & how do I calculate it?
– Should I register for GST?
– When do I need to register for GST?

Training Session 3 (3omins) $55 – Basic Bookkeeping – Electronic System (XERO/MYOB/Excel) and manual

Posting of receipts and payments to electronic bookkeeping system, reconciliation of bank account and posting necessary journal entries.

Training Session 4 (30mins)$55 – Completing a BAS Statement

Session explaining how to prepare & complete your monthly/quarterly BAS lodgment.
Due dates, penalties & late lodgment information.

Training Session 5 (30mins) $55 – Cash Flow Statements

Understanding your cash flow and how it can make or break your business.

Training Session 6 (30MINs) $66 – Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet Analysis & Forecasting

Understanding your profit & loss statement of the business and related balance sheet items.

Training Session 7 (45mins) $55 – Budgeting & Forecasting

Procedures and techniques for planning future income and expenditure.
Useful for both business and personal use.

Training Session 8 (1HR) $88 – Business Financial Analysis & Interpretation

Focus on the following:
– trends in your businesses income and expenses
– comparisons in past figures
– in-depth interim business analysis on how your business is performing using financial ratios
– minimizing costs, increasing productivity.
– comparisons with industry averages and how your business compares

Training Session 9 (1hr) $140 – Company & Trust Establishment

Discussion regarding:
– the company and trust relationship as well as necessary steps to set up your business.
– tax implications of both structures and differences are highlighted.
– how payments to directors and entitlements to beneficiaries work



To register or for more information please call us or fill out our contact form and the session number/s of interest.


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