Tax Time Checklist

Tax Time is a busy time for us.

Just a reminder that it is important to have all your documentation ready when time for your appointment.
Here is a general guide to help you prepare:


  Payment summaries (PAYG) from your employers (formerly Group Certificates)

This also includes Employment Termination Payments when you leave the workplace.

   Superannuation income streams/annuities

Some of these may be exempt from tax but may still require to be reported.

√  Bank interest earnt from your savings for the year

Don’t worry about interest less than a dollar in your account.  Remember to include joint accounts.  We may be able to check these amount for you via the tax agent portal.

√  Government payments

Newstart, Pensions, Austudy.   Some of these are not taxable but may be required for income test purposes.

√  Dividends received from any shares you hold.

There is usually a interim dividend paid around October and a final dividend paid around March.

√  Distributions from any cash management funds and investments received

A statement will be sent to you by your provider.

√  Rental Income

An annual statement may be available from your real estate agent if they manage your rental. You will need to keep track of your own income for the year if you self manage your own rental property.  For further information about what you can claim as a deduction please contact us.

√  Foreign income received from overseas sources



The type of deductions to claim is too comprehensive to list here.  You will generally need to have receipts to be able to claim.  There are some exceptions.




√  Previous Tax Return (first year clients)

This will help us with important background information such as your tax file number and business details and losses to be carried forward if relevant.

√  Private Health Insurance Details

We will need your private health insurance statement that arrives each year from your fund which indicates the type of cover and other important codes and details needed to complete your return.  This information helps us determine if the type of cover you have is exempt from paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge or you are entitled to additional offsets.

Please contact us for further information.