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Business Tax ReturnsBusiness Tax

We offer tax returns for all business types including:

 Sole tradersSelf-employed / Subcontractors

At your appointed interview time we will gather all the necessary information from you and endevour to complete your return on the spot.
Some business returns will require more preparation and information may need to be left and completed at our office but we will let you know our estimated expected turn around time for completion.

New Clients

Business Client Profile

We will discuss with you your business requirements and build a business client profile on our initial interview.

Letter of Engagement

For new clients we prepare a letter of engagement which clearly sets out your expectations of us and our requirements to help prepare your business tax return.  Our invoicing policy in regards to research including fee structure, responsibility, record and documentation requirements are also indicated.  A letter of acceptance is also prepared.
Any other services required can be discussed at this time or when needed in the future.

Our Client Philosophy

Regular contact
We focus on building strong close business relationships with our clients which we believe is important through regular contact by discussing any questions, working through issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Sifting through the Paperwork Minefield
Understanding your businesses tax requirements and interpreting ATO paperwork can be daunting!
We work to reduce the pressures and minimise the apprehension felt by many clients when dealing with sometimes complex business tax matters.  This is achieved through our guidance by simple explanation and feedback.

Training & Guidance
We do more than prepare the work then ask for a fee.
Our aim is not only to provide the compliance necessary with tax your obligations, but provide a basic understanding of how the tax process works.  We can provide you with as little or as much information you would like to know.

Training sessions are also available to build your tax knowledge. CLICK HERE

Call us on 1300 124 124 for further details.