Tax Calculators

Comprehensive Tax Calculator
Calculate your estimated tax refund or tax payable.

Tax Withheld Calculator
Work out how much tax needs to be withheld from employees and other workers.

Gross Pay Estimator
Work out how much tax is taken out of your pay by entering your take home pay (net).
Please note that at this time the ATO has not updated their calculator to include the 2017 tax year.

Super Co-contribution Calculator
Estimate you super co-contribution entitlement and whether eligible.

Am I a Resident for Tax Purposes?
You can be a resident for tax purposes but not necessarily an Australian citizen.
This is determined on a year by year basis.

Do I Need to Lodge a Tax Return?
You may not need to lodge a tax return if your income only consists of government payments or if earned less than $18,200.
Other conditions may also need to be met. This calculator will help determine if lodgment is necessary for a particular year.

Keeping business records for tax purposes?
This tool helps determine how well you are keeping records for compliance purposes.

Home Office Expenses
This tool helps to calculate how to claim home office expenses if eligible.

Self Education Expenses
This tool helps to calculate how to claim self education costs if eligible.