Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an interview take?

Allow at least 45 minutes for all types of basic tax return appointments.
The time taken will depend on the complexity of your return.

How long until I receive my refund?

How you choose to receive your refund determines the amount of time taken. Listed in order of promptness:
– refund directly debited to your nominated bank account, between 7–14 days*
– fee deducted from refund then directly debit to your bank account, between 7-14 days*
– ATO Cheques have now stopped being issued from July 2013.  Bank details are now required to issue refunds.

Can I get an estimate on the spot?

In most cases we can provide an estimate of refund or tax liability after initial consultation, depending on the complexity. Sometimes work may need to be completed back at our office. Your return will then be finalized in the quickest time possible.

What do I need to prepare?

We will let you know before visiting or phoning you.
A general guide is to have ready:

  • tax file number, past tax returns if available, PAYG summaries, receipts related to your work expenses, bank interest earnt, dividends received, rental property income & expenses, business income & expenses.

It is important to be organised before we arrive or phone you. ie.  Having all documentation at hand and totaling of multiple receipts, business income, invoices or other timely calculations if relevant as this will minimise additional fees.  This will mean the processing time is faster for us and the fee to you is the lowest possible.
Refer to our Tax Time Checklist for further details.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please inform us ASAP when you need to cancel. We appreciate if you can give us at least 48 hours notice during peak tax time (July-Oct) or 24 hours notice other times of the year.

Is GST included in your listed fees?

Yes GST is included. If you have a business and are GST registered, GST can be claimed back as input tax credits.

When is payment due?

Individual tax return fees are due after completion of the interview. If payment is not made within 7 days after interview a late fee will apply. Approved business clients’ payment terms may be extended after approval.
Click PAYMENT OPTIONS for more details.

What if I lose my copy of the tax return and need another?

We keep a copy on file electronically so we can reprint a copy for you. No administration fee will apply.

Do I get charged a fee if I need to ask a tax related question via email or telephone?

For providing general tax advice we do not charge additional fees for our current clients.
For general administration questions there is no charge.  This includes updates to personal details.
The first amendment to a tax return is free if an item has been omitted.

Individuals clients: General tax advice includes information on lodgment of tax returns and claims for common work related expenses for individuals.

Business clients: General tax advice includes common deductions for small business. Also included is general administration questions, information on lodgment dates including BAS statements.
Your first hour business consultation is free for new clients.  This may include advice such as starting a business or discussing the most appropriate business structure for your needs.

We are not qualified to answer questions regarding financial advice but can assist on the tax implications on potential future investments.

If research is needed to be performed, our hourly rate will be charged at $77 per hour (incl. GST).
All questions will be answered based on our clients individual circumstances which may differ from client to client. What may be an effective tax strategy for one client may not necessarily be effective for another.  Please seek individual advice.


In the future, the amount charged will depend on the Taximiser package chosen by the client.  We will advise via our website on the packages available and when this will apply.

I need to amend my tax return completed by another agent or myself, can you provide this service?

Yes.  We can help you amend a past tax return if you believe the information provided was incomplete or incorrect.  A copy of your tax return will be required to start this process.

  • An individual usually has 2 years to amend a tax return from the issued Notice of Assessment date.
    An objection form can be lodged if over this time period and forwarded to the ATO for approval.
  • Businesses may have up to 4 years.
Can Taximiser prepare and lodge tax returns for prior years?

Yes. We can submit tax returns for you electronically for prior years and provide a discount for multiple tax returns.

If you have any other questions please email or call us!

*Please note: This is an approximate guide only and all returns depend on lodgement demand at ATO at the time lodged.  Peak tax times could be longer than specified but generally will fall within a 14 day turn around when lodged electronically by us. In comparison a paper lodgement could take up to 28 days or possibly longer.