Business Advice

We can attend to your business needs by providing advice in the
following areas:

 Starting a Business
 Selling a Business
 Strategies to help grow your business
 Setting up a SMSF
 Tax planning 


Taximiser offers the first half hour FREE INITIAL BUSINESS CONSULTATION session either for your existing business or starting a new business.

YES! We can also establish your Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust business in 24 hours!



It can be overwhelming when first starting a business.  There are a number of factors to consider such as:

 What is the best business structure for me to operate my business
 Do I have enough capital to get started
 Do I need any qualifications for my industry
 What are my goals and expectations
 What registrations are required
 Are there any local council requirements to operate
 What are my duties and responsibilities as a business owner
 Tax considerations of my chosen structure


Taximiser can assist in getting you started with our sessions that will help deal with these and other important questions or point you in the right direction.

Our focus will always be viewed from a tax perspective with ongoing assistance of tax obligations and guidance on effective tax planning strategies.

The complexities of our current tax laws now more than ever require continual monitoring and support from trained tax professionals.

This process is essential as the first step in helping your business stay on track by meeting its requirements and in the longer term building the foundations for future potential growth.

We look forward to working with you from year to year and aim to develop a strong business relationship through regular contact by  providing guidance while maintaining tax compliance and obligations as required.  No business should face these responsibilities alone and we are always here to assist.

Getting the right advice before you start your business is essential.

We can guide you by providing information related to your business operating as a:
Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust or Company.



Our Business Starter package is recommended which includes approximately 1 hour consultation for those people interested in starting a business.

Taximiser Business Starter Package
Very helpful if you are thinking of starting a business. We give guidance with setting up your business and any requirements regarding registrations. This includes a starter kit and one hour consultation.  Current clients are offered this package for FREE if starting a business or if you choose us for your businesses taxation requirements.

Taximiser Total Business Solutions Package
Includes quarterly & yearly financial reports, cash flows, budgeting projections, financial analysis of your business compared to industry benchmarks. This package also includes consultation sessions during the financial year.

Please refer to OUR FEES for all our current fees.


At your first consultation if you require this service we assess your business by creating a client profile and asking important questions about your business so we have a full understanding of your business’s background, needs and expectations.
As a small business specialist we understand that it can be daunting when first dealing with tax obligations, so our aim is to take this complexity out of the equation for you and also deal directly with the ATO on your behalf as our client.

Please have these important documents available for us:
– Existing business documents (if relevant) – business name, trust or company information
– Tax File Number
– ABN number
– Past tax returns if available

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