Bookkeeping & BAS


The bookkeeping process can be time consuming for businesses.  We can take off the pressure by coming to you to collect all your receipts or work with you onsite.  We then enter them into a computerised system that will help structure into a format easily identifiable for the accountant for tax purposes because this work is conducted by a tax agent.

Of course we can also follow through and complete your tax returns, as this saves time and makes the job much easier and excludes the extra cost that may be evident if the file needs to be reworked for tax purposes by another accountant.

Our fee for bookkeeping per hour is currently $65 + GST which is completed by a qualified accountant and tax agent.


BAS PreparationBAS

There are two options we provide for BAS lodgment and compliance:

OPTION 1 – Prepared by Client

We can check your bookkeeping summary for a period that you have prepared.  Some of our clients use a manual cashbook, accounting program or excel spreadsheet.  GST calculations are checked and amendments applied if necessary.
All invoices and receipts are entered by you saving time and the additional costs of data entry.

OPTION 2 – Prepared by Us

If you don’t feel comfortable with entering data we can offer to do the bookkeeping right through to the BAS preparation and lodgment.
All source documents (receipts & invoices) are required for correct GST calculations.
If we receive further receipts after the BAS has been lodged, additional fees may be charged for amendments.

Checking or preparing a BAS statement starts from $121.00 (inc. GST).


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